“I understand why you want to transfer to Tottenham!” “Save me, teacher!” “Career is on the verge of failing.”

Posted on 20 November 2023 by maxytee.com

On Tuesday, soccer content production company profuturestars compared Jota’s stats from last season to this season.

Jota was a huge presence at Celtic last season, scoring 15 goals and providing 12 assists in 43 appearances.토토사이트

However, he has started just seven games for Al Ittihad this season and has scored just one goal.

The Saudi league is a popular place for superstars to finish their careers. The level of play is better than ever and the paychecks are huge.

The lure is so strong that even players who are not in the twilight of their careers and are still competitive in Europe are joining the league.

Clubs in the Saudi Arabian league have rolled up their sleeves to sign superstars and build a super-luxury army.

Starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Neymar have joined the Saudi Arabian league.

The Premier League (PL) also fell victim to Saudi oil money. N’Golo Kante, Kalidou Koulibaly, Édouard Mendy, Roberto Firmino, Leo Neves, Fabinho, Jordan Henderson, Riyad Mahrez, and many others have fallen prey to the lure of oil money.

Jota, who played for Celtic under Enze Postecoglou last season, was also targeted and moved to Al Ittihad.

Jota’s move to Al Ittihad came as a surprise. At just 24 years old, the general consensus was that he was too young to be heading to the Saudi league of choice in his twilight years.

Whatever the reason, Jota couldn’t resist the lure of oil money and moved to Al Ittihad.

However, it was a choice that ruined his career. He fell victim to the superstar hunt, and his profile dwindled.

Jota has reportedly failed to register with the Saudi Arabian league, and there are rumors of a contract termination.

This is why Tottenham Hotspur are interested in signing him. He was previously linked with Celtic manager Enze Postecoglou, so there are hopes for synergy.

Zotta can play on both flanks, so there’s hope that he can help Son Heung-min and give Tottenham versatility.

Newcastle United are also reportedly interested in Jota.

However, the Magpies are hoping that Postecoglou, who was previously linked with Celtic, will join Tottenham.

According to The Boot Room, Zotta would rather be at Tottenham than Newcastle because he would be under the control of a manager who knows him best.



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