Harden’s Confidence “It’s an I’m System” [NBA]

Posted on 3 November 2023 by maxytee.com

Harden said at a press conference to join the Los Angeles Clippers (hereinafter referred to as the Clippers) on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time), “I felt like I was ‘bound in a rope’ while I was in Philadelphia.”

Harden, who said he had to adjust his style of play in Philadelphia, said, “The leash I talked about doesn’t just mean throwing a basketball every time,” adding, “It means thinking about the game and thinking creatively on the court.” For example, when asked, ‘Coach, what do you think of this?’ we share our opinions,” he explained.레모나토토

“I’m not a system player,” he continued. I am a system,” he added.

Harden, meanwhile, was disappointed that Philadelphia would not hand him a Max contract after Game 7 against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Final this spring.

Ten-time All-Star Harden cornered Philadelphia President Darryl Morey when he demanded a trade from the Clippers after opting for a $35.6 million (W982 million) player option this season.

While in Philadelphia, Harden’s scoring numbers were a downward graph compared to his time with the Houston Rockets, who were the top scorer for three consecutive years. But Harden, who plays next to ‘MVP’ Joel Embiid, has transformed into one of the league’s best helpers. Last season, he became the assist king with 10.7 assists.

It was the second time in his career that Harden topped the category, and his pass helped Embiid win his first career top scorer and MVP.

Now Harden will want to play again in a style he sees fitter to use his skills. Will Harden, who wants to play in an away game for the New York Knicks, be able to lead the team to a high place while playing the ideal game he thinks he is.



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