Minimum annual salary increase, Gimpo FC promotion PO qualification… Korea Professional Football League 7th Board of Directors Results Announcement

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Reporter Kang Dong-hoon = The Korea Professional Football League (hereinafter referred to as the Federation) held the 7th Board of Directors meeting in 2023 on the 24th and held a meeting to ▲increase the minimum salary, ▲increase the number of players on the roster, ▲prohibit discrimination in viewing facilities for away cheering seats, and ▲elevate playoffs. (PO) Reviewed and decided on agenda items such as finalizing the competition outline and ▲recognition of Gimpo FC’s eligibility to advance to the promotion PO.

■ Minimum annual base salary for K-League players increased to 27 million won.

At this board meeting, it was decided to increase the minimum annual base salary for K-League players from 24 million won to 27 million won from 2024. It has been four years since the minimum basic annual salary was increased from 20 million won to 24 million won in 2020. The federation announced that it decided to increase the minimum basic annual salary in consideration of the welfare of low-paid players and the rising price trend.

■ K League 1 roster increased from 18 to 20… K-League 2 will maintain 18 players.

The maximum number of players on the K-League 1 roster will increase from 18 to 20 from 2024. Accordingly, in addition to the 11 starting players, the number of players on standby will increase from the existing maximum of 7 to a maximum of 9. However, considering the impact of increased operating costs, it was decided to maintain K League 2 at 18 players.

■ Prohibition of discrimination in away cheering seats… Away cheering fans are also valued.

Even though the home team has available seats, it is prohibited to overcrowd spectators cheering for the away team in a small area or to place away cheering seats in a place with poor viewing angles, and the price of away cheering seats is reduced by other seats under the same conditions. It was decided to establish a new regulation to prevent higher prices.

■ 2023 season promotion/relegation PO competition schedule confirmed

Hana 1Q K League 2023 promotion/relegation PO is a match between K League 1 11th place and K League 2 2nd place (promotion PO1), K League 1 10th place and K League 2 playoff winner (promotion PO2) It is held as For both promotion PO1 and promotion PO2, the first leg will be held on December 6th at the K League 2 team’s home stadium, and the second game will be held on December 9th at the K League 1 team’s home stadium. Kick-off time will be confirmed later. Up to three foreign players regardless of nationality and one Asian quota player can be registered on the roster and participate in the game. In overtime, the number of substitutes and number of substitutions increases by 1.

■ Gimpo FC’s eligibility to advance to the relegation PO was recognized… The board of directors , which is obligated to secure 10,000 seats by April next year,

decided to recognize Gimpo FC’s eligibility to advance to the promotion PO. However, the number of spectators at the home stadium Salter Soccer Stadium, which currently seats about 5,000, must be expanded to more than 10,000 seats, which is the minimum standard for K League 1 according to the K League game regulations, by April next year. The federation announced that after reviewing the grandstand expansion plan submitted by Gimpo City to the federation, it was determined that advancement and promotion to the lower-tier PO is possible on the condition that the expansion construction is completed by April next year to meet the spectator seating conditions for the K League 1 stadium.짱구카지노

■ Others

At this board meeting, Vice President Kim Jeong-bae of the Korea Football Association was elected as the new director of the federation. In addition, it was decided to reduce the maximum number of players aged 23 or older who can be loaned to foreign clubs from 8 to 7, and to 6 from July 2024, in line with FIFA regulations. In the event of violent acts such as rioting or throwing foreign objects by away fans, there is a regulation that allows the club to decide to close the away cheering seats during away games, and the club and players must faithfully provide training, interviews, and written pledges to prevent corruption. A new regulation was established to subject to disciplinary action if not implemented. Qualifications for the club’s mandatory trainer include having a health and exercise manager license and having at least one year of work experience after graduating from a sports medicine-related department.



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