Johor, who hit the opponent’s face with a kick, received a ‘no card’ → Ulsan, who protested, received a warning… Iranian referee’s ‘strange’ decision almost dominated the game 

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It’s a strange decision.

Ulsan Munsu Stadium on the 24th, where the third match of the Asian Champions League (ACL) group stage between Ulsan Hyundai and Johor Darul Takzim (Malaysia) took place. The referee on this day was Iranian national Alireza Faghani.

Ulsan met Johor in the ACL group stage last year and lost both times. All were 1-2 losses. That’s why Ulsan was preparing for a showdown with Johor. And Ulsan took the lead despite using a partial rotation. Coach Hong Myung-bo excluded defender Kim Young-kwon from the list that day. It’s not an injury. And at the front line, Kim Ji-hyun was appointed instead of Joo Min-gyu and Martin Adam. Rubikson, Ataru, and Boyanic also had a chance to be selected.

Ulsan started with Jeong Seung-hyun’s first goal in the 3rd minute of the first half, and Rubikson scored consecutive goals, scoring 3 goals in 17 minutes in the first half. Johor continued to play rough when Ulsan scored consecutive goals. In particular, striker Berson continued to clash with Ulsan defenders. However, referee Pagani was strict against Ulsan and lenient against Johor.

Jeong Seung-hyun received a warning early on in the first half. This was also after the collision with Berson. There was a collision outside the touchline, and only Jeong Seung-hyun was cautioned. During this process, Director Hong expressed his dissatisfaction.

And the scene in question occurred in the 24th minute of the first half. This time it was Johor’s Berson. Berson competed with Ulsan defender Kim Tae-hwan. The ball was out, and Berson kicked the ball hard. The ball left Bersson’s foot and hit Ulsan Bako, who was warming up outside the stadium, directly in the face.

Kim Tae-hwan, who saw this, strongly protested to Berson. Referee Pagani mercilessly issued a warning to Kim Tae-hwan, who protested. But he gave no warning to Berson. Here, the warning Kim Tae-hwan received came back as a ‘butterfly effect.’짱구카지노 도메인

Kim Tae-hwan attempted a tackle to stop Johor Corbinong in the 35th minute of the first half. The referee immediately approached Kim Tae-hwan and issued another warning. Kim Tae-hwan was sent off due to accumulated warnings. Kim Tae-hwan made a gesture that he could not accept, but the referee did not change his attitude. Ulsan played the remainder of the game with a numerical inferiority. There was no choice but to make the inevitable change of using striker Rubiksson as a defender. Johor did not receive a single warning throughout the first half. Fortunately(?), Johor players were also given a warning in the second half. Also, fortunately(?) Ulsan allowed one goal, but maintained the victory until the end.



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