‘Sluggish → hand injury’ KRW 11.5 billion slugger excluded from starting even fall baseball… Will there be a chance to make up for the slump?

Posted on 19 October 2023 by maxytee.com

 Doosan’s fourth hitter Kim Jae-hwan was also excluded from the selection in the first game of the wild card game. Fortunately, he recovered from his hand injury, but due to a lack of sense in practice, he had to start the fall on the bench. 

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop announced the news of Kim Jae-hwan’s exclusion from the selection ahead of the first game of the wild card match against NC in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO postseason held at Changwon NC Park on the 19th. 

Kim Jae-hwan, who was pointed out as a key player who will determine Doosan’s performance with the appointment of manager Lee Seung-yeop in the 2023 season, ended the season disappointingly with a batting average of .202, 10 home runs, 46 RBI, and a slugging percentage of .331 in 132 games. To make matters worse, swelling occurred in his right hand while hitting at the end of the regular season, and he was unable to take the field after the game against LG on the 14th. 

Coach Lee said, “(Kim Jae-hwan) hasn’t played a game recently. Meanwhile, when he starts, there is a problem with his senses. “That’s why Kim In-tae is out,” he said. “I was thinking about pinch-hitting two days ago, but there was no opportunity to play. “His condition is not perfect, but he has improved a lot,” he said, announcing Kim Jae-hwan’s standby as a pinch hitter. 

With the exclusion of Kim Jae-hwan, Jeong Soo-bin (center fielder) – Kim Jae-ho (shortstop) – Jose Rojas (designated hitter) – Yang Eui-ji (catcher) – Yang Seok-hwan (first baseman) – Kang Seung-ho (second baseman) – Kim In-tae (left fielder) – Heo Gyeong-min (third baseman) -The starting lineup for Jo Soo-haeng (right fielder) has been formed. The starting pitcher is Kwak Bin.스포츠토토 

Coach Lee said, “Because of the importance of defense in big games, I hired Kim Jae-ho as shortstop. The shortstop is the commander of the field. “I chose Kim Jae-ho over the inexperienced Park Jun-young,” he said, explaining the reason for Kim Jae-ho being placed number 2.

How do you feel ahead of your first fall baseball game as a manager? Director Lee said, “There is no great inspiration. “I feel the same way as I did during the regular season,” he said. “I’ll do what I’ve been doing.” There are still pitchers left on the team, and there are many players with a lot of experience in short-term games. I think it will be advantageous if the starter goes 5 innings. “I hope the players will play brightly and comfortably without being stressed,” he said. 

Meanwhile, if Doosan, who advanced to the wild card match in 5th place in the regular season, loses or draws on this day, the fall will end in vain after just one game. In order for Doosan to advance to the semi-playoffs, it must win both the first game on the 19th and the second game on the 20th.



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