A powerful reset button for SSG’s top prospect… A changed Kim Chang-pyeong is coming, expectations are growing for 2024

Posted on 17 October 2023 by maxytee.com

 I instinctively threw my body towards the ball. It was a lake price that everyone recognized. But the price was severe. I had a problem with my shoulder that touched the ground. It was the moment when habitual dislocation caused problems again. Just like that, the prospect who had the highest expectations from SSG fans disappeared.

Kim Chang-pyeong, who graduated from Gwangju Jeil High School and was selected in the second first round (6th overall) by SK in 2019, received great attention as the leader of the generational change in the team’s infield. He had basically good qualities. He did it not only with the bat, but also with base running and defense. Kim Chang-pyeong was appointed as the general manager, and SK coach Yeom Kyung-yeop (current LG coach) at the time, who looked at Kim Chang-pyeong as the coach, cherished Kim Chang-pyeong’s talent. The sense displayed in the play clearly showed that this prospect was extraordinary.

Kim Chang-pyeong, who made his first-team debut in 18 games in 2019, was mentioned as the team’s starting second baseman in 2020, and actually went on to be the team’s opening starting second baseman. It seemed like everything was in order, it was time for the player to show his skills, and the club and fans were ready to pay their taxes and wait. However, his unexpected downturn began when he injured his shoulder during a diving catch in the game against KIA in Incheon on May 24.

He had to undergo rehabilitation for a long time, and it was difficult to say that everything had melted into his body yet, but all the effort he had put in had completely disappeared. After his rehabilitation was completed, he returned to the first-team stage only in September, but was unable to maintain his previous momentum. He did not leave any notable results. Once the wandering started, it continued. He appeared in 40 games in 2021, but was a pinch runner in most of them, and only had 28 plate appearances. His batting average also dropped to 0.080.

Kim Chang-pyeong said, “It’s very disappointing. In some ways, it was a really good opportunity for me. It’s really unfortunate that I got hurt.” But he didn’t make any excuses. Kim Chang-pyeong said, “I couldn’t not make a diving catch. That (injury or not) was my luck. If I was an infielder, I should have dived,” and “After that, I was like, ‘Uh-uh,’ and then I went to the military,” and did not overcome the trend. I blamed myself for not being able to do it.

It’s not that there was a lack of effort, but effort shines when there are results. Kim Chang-pyeong reflected on this proposition and made a promise for his future. After the 2020 season, he returned to public service. Meanwhile, my thirst for baseball grew. He moved his address to Incheon this year. He served faithfully during the day, and immediately drove his car to Ganghwa, where the team’s second-tier facility was located. It was to quench his thirst for baseball. As time went by, his training increased, and the player sweated while setting his sights on 2024.

Kim Chang-pyeong was discharged from military service on October 12 after completing one year and nine months of public service. Afterwards, he trains with his colleagues at the reinforcement facility and looks forward to his next year. Although there was a handicap in his public service, officials at the strengthening facility say that his training was still impressive. Kim Chang-pyeong is also full of will. Young people who have served in the military usually have many things they want to do when they go out into society. Kim Chang-pyeong likes baseball. Kim Chang-pyeong smiled and said, “He was going crazy because he wanted to play baseball. There is so much he wants to do now.”

Kim Chang-pyeong said, “While he was doing public service, he did a lot of weight training. For a year, he did almost nothing but weights.” Kim Chang-pyeong is not naturally prone to gaining weight. The athlete’s story is that he was at war with eating. He ate a lot and tried to gain weight. As a result, people around him say that his body feels bigger than before. He actually gained about 7kg compared to before his public service. He also did systematic weight training, so it was natural that his body would improve.

Starting this year, he also began technical training. Kim Chang-pyeong explained, “I started doing technical exercises little by little this year, and started technical training in Ganghwa in March.” Is this the result of sincere preparation? Kim Chang-pyeong was proudly named on the list of the team’s overseas finishing camp that will begin in November. This camp will focus not on the main players, but on the 1.5 team and promising players who will compete with the main players next year. It symbolizes that the club’s expectations for Kim Chang-pyeong remain the same.

He had a two-year gap, and his position also changed. Even before he went to the military, he was preparing to become an outfielder. There was a problem with his shoulder and a burden on defense. Instead, the intention is to maximize Kim Chang-pyeong’s strengths, such as attack power and mobility, by sending him to the outfield. For Kim Chang-pyeong, the ‘reset’ button has been pressed in many areas. So he may become more motivated. Kim Chang-pyeong is waiting for 2024 with strong determination and excitement.스포츠토토

Kim Chang-pyeong said, “I only played the outfield briefly when I was a freshman in high school. I’m currently preparing for all three outfield positions. I was in the infield and then came back to the outfield, so there were some parts that I had a hard time adjusting to at first, but now I’m getting used to it a bit and it’s still a lot more comfortable.” He explained the rough framework of preparation for 2024, saying, “First of all, we need to take advantage of the bat and base running. I think taking advantage of that is the first thing, and wouldn’t we need to do a lot of defensive training to do well in the outfield?”

He explained that he slightly changed his form and feel in his batting as well. It’s a new challenge. Kim Chang-pyeong foreshadowed the change, saying, “Originally, I felt like I was trying to hit a little aggressively, but now I feel like I’m receiving the ball a little bit. Before, I tried to use my upper body, but now I’m using my lower body a little more.” “I came in with a lot of expectations, but after coming to the pros and trying things out and making mistakes, I think I was very intimidated. Now that I’m out in the outfield, I want to play with more confidence,” he pledged. SSG’s top prospect, who had been forgotten for a while, pressed the reset button without hesitation and took a powerful leap forward.



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