“Once-in-a-lifetime talent” Ohtani fired as manager…but still ready for $5B+α ‘Dodgers, let’s play’

Posted on 10 October 2023 by maxytee.com

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime talent.”

New York Mets billionaire owner Steve Cohen fired manager Buck Showalter and general manager Billy Appler after the team’s “epic failure” this season. Instead, he appointed president Davis Stearns to oversee the organization’s preparations for the 2024 season. The firing of Appler is particularly notable because it could affect the team’s pursuit of free agent slugger Shohei Ohtani, 29.

The Mets are considered the favorite to land Ohtani. They are almost the only organization that can silence the “Dodger hype” with money. It’s not just the money, but also the fact that Appler scouted Ohtani when he was manager of the Los Angeles Angels.

With Appler out of the picture, it’s reasonable to assume that the Mets would have a tougher time landing Ohtani. However, on Sept. 9, MetsMarried.com suggested that the Mets’ direction in the offseason will not waver.

The site ranked the Mets’ top five free agent targets, with Ohtani still at the top of the list. “Ohtani’s free agency is the most anticipated in Major League Baseball history. It’s not often that the best player in the sport hits free agency, but even that label may be underestimating Ohtani’s abilities. He will be named MVP for the second time in his career.”

Furthermore, MetsMarriedOnline wrote, “Signing Ohtani is a dream signing for any team because he offers so many benefits on and off the field. There have been numerous reports that the Mets are interested in him, but Cohen is willing to work to bring him to the Mets if he decides to leave the West Coast. The prospect of orchestrating the biggest deal in major league history, surpassing Mike Trout and the Angels’ $426.5 million, is a no-brainer.”카지노

The Mets will also have more than $500 million on hand by default. Talk of $600 million faded after the elbow surgery announcement, but many believe that $500 million is unlikely. MetsMeridian.com believes there will be little correlation between Ohtani’s health and his signing in free agency.

“Regardless, Ohtani is a once-in-a-lifetime talent and should be at the top of the Mets’ wish list this offseason,” said MetsMarried.com. The Mets’ stance is pretty much the only variable that could make the Ohtani bidding war interesting. The firing of Appler is unlikely to deter them.

The Mets’ top two to five free agent targets are Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Buffalo Bills), Jordan Montgomery (Texas Rangers), Adam Duvall (Boston Red Sox), and David Robertson (Miami Marlins). After Ohtani, Yamamoto is the free agent most often linked to the Mets.



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