Rain falling again… PS Will your schedule also be affected?

Posted on 20 September 2023 by maxytee.com

This year’s KBO League is struggling due to rain.

On the 29th of last month, the KBO announced the remaining game schedule by reorganizing 116 games, including 50 games that were not originally scheduled and 66 games that were canceled due to rain. A reserve day has also been organized in case the game is canceled again due to rain or other reasons. However, if there was no reserve day, the plan was to organize a double header on the next day if it was the same matchup, and if there was no same matchup, organize it at a later date.

However, even as the remaining game schedule is being played, it is raining quite a bit. On the 20th, all five games were canceled. The four games excluding the Suwon LG Twins-KT Wiz match, which was postponed to a reserve date, will be scheduled at a later date. Since the schedule announcement date, there have been a total of 13 news reports about future programming.

As of the 20th, a total of 90 games have been postponed this season due to ground conditions and fine dust, including games canceled due to rain and no games. Of these, 80 games were canceled due to rain or no games. Most of the games that were canceled due to ground conditions were also affected by rain.

According to the remaining game schedule announced by KBO, the originally targeted final day of the regular season was October 10. And although the postseason was planned to begin with the wild card game two days later, it became difficult to complete the schedule as planned. The KBO announced on the 20th, “We need about 3 to 4 more days (to finish the regular season).”

The KBO is preparing in various ways to ensure that the schedule runs smoothly not only for this season but also for the future. It is known that the KBO Executive Committee has already discussed regularly scheduling Monday games and double headers. Additionally, as there have been quite a few sudden localized heavy rains this season, voices are being raised to respond to climate change.스포츠토토

Currently, in the case of a match unrelated to the postseason, there is considerable discussion on holding the game on a moving day between the final day of the regular season and the opening day of the wild card game, or during the postseason period.



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