Cheonan City Appoints Byung-Mo Ahn as CEO, Do-Young Lee as Technical Director

Posted on 3 August 2023 by

Cheonan City FC manager Ahn Byung-mo has resigned.

On February 2, Cheonan announced that Ahn had resigned after submitting a letter of resignation to Cheonan Mayor Park Sang-don, the chairman of the board of directors, the previous day (January 1). Through the club, Ahn said, “As a new team, we have been trying to stabilize the team and land in the Pro League under various difficult conditions. However, as a result, we have fallen short of expectations,” Ahn said in his resignation.

Ahn was appointed head coach of Cheonan in February last year, and the team participated in the K League 2 this season in preparation for its professionalization. He worked to create a youth team and recruit Vietnamese players with potential for growth, laying the groundwork for the club’s future. However, the team failed to live up to expectations in its first professional league. “I hope my resignation will be a small step towards the club’s development,” Ahn said.

Without a manager, Cheonan City FC will operate under the system of the secretary general as acting manager until a new manager is appointed. Meanwhile, Cheonan has appointed Lee Do-young as its technical director. This is a move to bolster the team’s strength as it enters the Pro League for the first time. The TD position has been added to the club’s existing youth director and strength team leader. There are more factors to strengthen the team.

Lee has experience as a full-time instructor at the Korean Football Association (KFA) and as a member of the coaching staff at professional clubs such as Jeju United, Seongnam FC, and Gangwon FC. He also has experience in the K3 League as the head coach of Hwaseong FC. He also worked as a scout at Gangwon FC.

Joining Tian’an, Lee said, “I’m in charge of the technical department, which is an important part of the team. I want to make sure that the team, from the youth team to the professional team, has a future-oriented playing model and style that is in line with modern soccer. I want to make the team a team that pursues victory but also plays well in terms of content and process,” Lee said.카지노

“It’s also important to develop players well. It is my dream and hope to develop the players so that they can be utilized by the clubs and go abroad. There will be difficulties, but I will fulfill my goals one by one.”



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