Only Klins, who is not in Korea, “I’m a workaholic… I watched a lot of K-League”

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Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany), the coach of the Korean national soccer team, opened up about the controversy surrounding his frequent overseas trips.

On the 17th, coach Klinsman held a non-face-to-face press conference with domestic reporters.

Contrary to his promise at the time of his appointment in March, Klinsman’s recent coach did not spend much time in Korea, causing controversy. In some places, there was also strong criticism, saying, “Isn’t it taking the position of the national team coach too lightly?”

In particular, he appeared on ESPN and commented on the English Premier League (EPL) Tottenham Hotspur-Brentford match, the German Bundesliga Bayern Munich-Leipzig match, and the American Major League Soccer (MLS) Philadelphia Union-Inter Miami match, causing the anger of domestic soccer fans. caused

Regarding these criticisms, coach Klinsman said, “In the case of the July-August schedule, it was inevitable because it was scheduled before signing a contract with the Korea Football Association. After taking office, I stayed in Korea to watch the K-League as much as possible except for official schedules.” explained

Regarding the point of neglecting the domestic league, he said, “I watched a lot of games in Korea,” and “I watched not only K League 1, but also K League 2, University U-League matches, and under-18 games.”

He continued, “I am in constant conversation with advisor Cha Du-ri and coach Michael Kim in Korea, and the coaches in Europe are also communicating by watching each game.”

“I am constantly observing a pool of about 40 to 50 players who are doing well in the K-League, European, as well as national teams by age group,” he said. I don’t want to be blamed. I can ask that question enough.”온라인바카

“I am a workaholic,” he said. “I am watching the trends of modern soccer externally and thinking about how to apply them to Korean soccer. I want to say that I am constantly thinking about Korean soccer through this event.” .

Meanwhile, Klinsman is scheduled to play Wales (Cardiff City Stadium) on September 8 and Saudi Arabia (St James Park) on September 13. In October, they face Tunisia and Vietnam.



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