18 September 2023

It was almost a steel wall… Kim Min-jae, ‘Ufamekano’s’ Rating Lower Than ‘Ufamekano’? ‘그나브리와 동급은 너무하네’

Posted on 18 September 2023 by maxytee.com

Reporter Nam Jung-hoon= Kim Min-jae’s rating is lower than Upamecano and the same as Gnabry.

German media outlet ‘Kicker’ released the ratings of Bayern Munich’s match against Leverkusen on Sept. 16 (KST). Kicker gave Kim a rating of 3 and Upamecano a rating of 2. (The lower the rating, the better. 1: best, 5: worst.)

Munich played Leverkusen to a 2-2 draw in the fourth round of the 2023/24 German Bundesliga at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, at 3:30 a.m. ET on Saturday, dropping to second place on 10 points but with goal difference.

For the match, Munich started Kim Min-Jae and Upamecano at center back. Kim played the full 90 minutes and had a good game, with a 91% pass success rate, 33% long pass success rate, 3 interceptions, 2 header clears, and 6 recoveries.

Sure, there were a few missed passes, but he did a good job of keeping Leverkusen’s emerging striker Boniface in check.

Upamecano also had a good game, playing the full 90 minutes, with a 90% pass success rate, 50% long pass success rate, 2 interceptions, 1 header clearance, and 11 recoveries. Especially in the second half, he showed intelligent defense based on his superior physicality.카지노사이트

Meanwhile, Gnabry, who has the same rating of 3 as Kim Min-jae, did not have a good game. He had 3 big misses, 0% dribbling success, and 11% ground ball contest success, and was especially disappointing when he received a precise forward pass from Kim Min-jae with a good touch, but was unable to convert it into a goal.

Footmob and CouchScore, two outlets that specialize in soccer ratings, also rated Kim in the mid-seven’s and Gnabry in the six’s, but for a “kicker” who is highly regarded in German soccer, it doesn’t make sense to rate Kim and Gnabry the same.


Baltimore to fall baseball after 7 years, and LG’s Kim Hyun-soo mentioned

Posted on 18 September 2023 by maxytee.com

Baltimore has confirmed its fall baseball schedule. LG’s Kim Hyun-soo was also mentioned by local media here.

The Baltimore Orioles defeated Tampa Bay 5-4 in 11 innings at Oriole Park in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., on Sept. 18 (KST).

With the win, Baltimore, which is in first place in the American League East, improved to 93-56 for a .624 winning percentage and clinched at least a wild-card berth regardless of the outcome of the remaining games.

It’s been seven years since Baltimore made it to fall baseball since 2016, and after three straight years at the bottom of the district from 2017-2019, the Orioles were dismal in 2021 with a 52-110 record and a .321 winning percentage.스포츠토토

Since then, the Orioles have changed. In just two years, the team has rebuilt its minor league system. After warming up last year with a fourth-place finish in the district (83 wins, 79 losses) and a winning percentage over .500, the Orioles finally found themselves atop the district this season.

On the same day MLB.com announced Baltimore’s postseason berth, they also mentioned Kim Hyun-soo. The LG Twins’ Hyun-soo Kim was in the starting lineup for the 2016 Wild Card Game, the last time Baltimore made the postseason.

At the height of Baltimore’s wild-card run, Hyun-soo Kim came to bat in the top of the ninth inning against the Toronto Blue Jays on September 29, 2016, at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and hit a come-from-behind two-run shot that helped the Orioles clinch a wild-card berth.


“Pitchers and designated hitters open, players have to prove it” No ‘Idoru checkbook’ for Jeon Mir

Posted on 18 September 2023 by maxytee.com

“The Lotte Giants select Jeon Mir, a pitcher and hitter from Kyungpook High School.”

Lotte general manager Sung Min-kyu selected Kyungbuk High School’s Jeon Mir with the third overall pick in the first round of the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft. The key word to note is “pitcher and hitter,” not “Jeon Mir. The Lotte team made the decision with the possibility of Jeon’s development as an “idoryu” in mind.

Jeon played in official tournaments this year as both a pitcher and a hitter. In 27 games this year, he batted .346 with 28 doubles, three home runs, 32 RBIs, a 0.513 slugging percentage, and a 0.519 on-base percentage. Pitcher Zemir has appeared in 18 games (67.2 innings) this year, posting a 5-1 record with a 1.32 ERA, 54 strikeouts, 23 walks, and a 0.85 WHIP.

His impressive performance at both the plate and at the plate earned him a spot in the recent World Youth Baseball Championship in Taiwan, where he helped the team win a bronze medal.

Manager Sung Min-kyu spoke very highly of Idoryu Jeon. The so-called ‘shilling’ is an amazing player in the eyes of Lotte.

“Jeon Mir is a player with excellent athleticism who can play two-hitting. I gave him high marks for his great competitive spirit on the field. We want to keep his path open as a pitcher and designated hitter. He said he is confident, so he will have to prove it,” he said.

After being selected by Lotte, Jeon Mir said, “I’m really honored to be nominated by Lotte, where I admire Choi Dong-won. I want to follow in his footsteps, even if it’s not as much as he did, and if I get the chance, I want to do a two-hitter. I am confident that I will do my best and do well wherever I go.”

“I didn’t expect to be selected as the third overall pick so soon, and I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time, so I want to cherish this moment forever. When I heard the applause, I felt very overwhelmed,” he said.

Jeon also revealed who he would like to face in the professional ranks as a pitcher and a batter. “As a hitter, I would like to meet Won Tae-in, a senior at Kyungpook National University. He has a really good changeup, and I would like to experience it once. As a pitcher, I would like to face my teammates from Kyungpook National University who went to the pros with me. They used to tease me at school, saying, ‘Why can’t other hitters hit your pitches,’ but I want to face them properly once (laughs),” he smiles.스포츠토토

The teammate he most wanted to learn from was Lotte closer Kim Won-joong. “I’d like to learn from him how to have the passion and charisma to hit batters on the mound. I can’t wait to go to the team and meet him.”

In his nomination comments, Jeon Mir also drew attention by mentioning Lotte Legend Choi Dong-won. In his nomination comments, Jeon said, “I thought it was very cool to see a pitcher who sacrifices for the benefit of his teammates and dedicates himself to the team regardless of his ability. I want to be a player like him, who puts all his passion and dedication into the baseball world and his team anytime, anywhere.”

Both Lotte and Jeomir emphasized that he is not the typical “Ido-ryu ballplayer” that has been around since the days of Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels). It will be interesting to see if Jeon Mir will be able to deliver the kind of results that will change the paradigm of the KBO.