September 2023

Urias, accused of domestic violence, fails to appear in court

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Julio Urias (Los Angeles Dodgers) failed to appear in court.

According to the Spanish-language edition of Fox Sports, Urias did not appear for his initial hearing on domestic violence charges in a Los Angeles, California, courtroom on Monday.

The reason for Urias’ absence, according to some media outlets, was that “there were no formal charges filed against him by prosecutors.” There are also reports that the prosecutor’s office did not file charges because the victim had not yet filed a formal complaint against him. With only eyewitness accounts to go on, some have suggested that Urias, as the alleged perpetrator, doesn’t need to appear in court. However, Yurias’ lawyer was reportedly present at the hearing.

According to TMZ, Julio Urias’ partner, Daisy Perez, who was allegedly the victim of domestic violence at the time of the incident, was found bloodied and strangled at the scene of an MLS match between Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami and Carlos’ LAFC.카지노

Police arrested Urias on felony domestic violence charges, and he was later released on $50,000 bail.

Major League Soccer placed Urias on administrative leave.


Even foreign batters “know LG’s rivals well”… The secret to the consecutive hitting that destroyed the 12-win ace is ‘rival consciousness’ 

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 Doosan foreign hitter Jose Rojas cited his rivalry with LG as the secret to his consecutive home runs. 

The Doosan Bears won 4-3 in the 12th game of the season against the LG Twins of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 29th. Doosan, ranked 4th, took the lead in the three-game Chuseok match and escaped the last two consecutive losses and five consecutive losses against LG, recording 68 wins, 2 draws, and 60 losses on the season. The lead against 5th place SSG was again 3 games. 

Rojas started as left fielder No. 3 and contributed to the victory by going 2 hits (2 home runs) in 4 at-bats and hitting 3 RBIs. He hit his second consecutive home run on the KBO stage against LG’s 12-win LG ace Lim Chan-gyu, who has been in good spirits recently. 

He drew an arch from the first at-bat. He balanced the score by hitting a two-run home run with one out and one baseman in the first inning when the team was behind 0-2. At a ball count of 2B-2S, he targeted LG starter Lim Chan-gyu’s outside high change-up (130km) on the 5th pitch, and recorded his 16th home run of the season in 8 games since the Gwangju KIA game on the 18th. 

Rojas didn’t stop. With the score tied at 2-2, he appeared in the third inning with no runners on base and one out, and hit a come-from-behind solo home run against Lim Chan-gyu. After preempting the 3B-1S advantageous count, he caught the high 5th pitch fastball (142km) and hit it over the right fence. It was the 21st home run of the KBO League season, the 1,167th in total, and the second individual home run in consecutive hits. Rojas hit his first consecutive home run in his debut against Suwon KT on May 20th. 

Rojas said after the game, “It’s not easy to hit a home run, but it feels good to hit two in a row. “More than anything, that home run contributed to the team’s victory,” he said. “I knew it right away because it felt good the moment it hit.” “He approaches every at-bat with the thought that if he always hits the ball hard, the results will follow, and it went according to plan,” he said with satisfaction.메이저사이트

Until this day, Doosan had been on a 5-game losing streak against rival LG. Their record against their opponents this season was absolutely inferior, with 2 wins and 9 losses. On this day, starter Choi Won-jun allowed two runs in the first inning and the game got off to an uneasy start, but Rojas brought the momentum to the game with two home runs. Coach Lee Seung-yeop also said, “I want to praise Rojas’ home run. “It could have been a difficult game as we lost the first run in the first inning, but Rojas hit back-to-back home runs and changed the atmosphere,” he said, giving a thumbs up.

Rojas said, “We were aware that our performance this season against LG was poor. “I tried to focus more because I knew well about the relationship between the two teams,” he said. “The team’s confidence as a whole has increased.” “The fact that I approached it with the mindset that I could win against anyone led to good results,” he said, sharing the secret to consecutive home runs.

With the win that day, Doosan extended its lead over 5th place SSG to 3 games, further increasing its chances of making the postseason for the first time in 2 years. Rojas said, “Doosan can definitely go to the fall baseball game this year. “I will do my best every day with the determination to show only good things to my fans until the end of fall,” he said with a solemn determination. 


“Please take him” Liverpool fan responds to Saudi league’s ‘PL referee’ signing…”We’ll recommend him”

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Reports have emerged that Saudi Arabia is planning to bring in Premier League referees to help grow its league, and some Liverpool fans have come forward with their own recommendations.

“Saudi Arabia plans to bring in top referees from the Premier League and Europe,” the Times reported on Monday (Aug. 28).

The Saudi league, which shook up the world of soccer with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo in December 2022, has been unparalleled in the transfer market this summer, signing a number of players from European leagues and expanding its stake in the world of soccer.

“The Saudis are preparing to bring in top referees from the Premier League and across Europe,” the Times reported. Referees from England and Europe, including those who worked the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, are being investigated to see if they would be willing to move to the kingdom, according to sources. If they do head to Saudi Arabia, it’s likely to be a major concern for the leagues,” said Mr. Khan, noting that Saudi Arabia is preparing to reach out to referees.

“Referees in the Premier League are paid between £120,000 and £300,000 a year, which pales in comparison to what they could be paid in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is expected to recruit referees over the next year or so as the next step in the development of the league.”

If referees head to Saudi Arabia in droves, European leagues could be in for a surprise. Without top-notch referees to officiate the games, the quality of the league’s matches and game management could suffer greatly. The impact of Saudi Arabia’s referee recruitment will not be small, as it will not be possible to suddenly bring a large number of referees from the lower leagues to the top leagues.

In the meantime, Liverpool fans have been suggesting some of the most notorious referees in the Premier League for Saudi Arabia to hire.

“Liverpool fans have all said the same thing after the Saudi Arabian league announced plans to sign the Premier League’s top referees,” British outlet SportsBible reported on Aug. 28.

“Liverpool fans are calling for Anthony Taylor and Paul Tierney to move to the Saudi league,” SportsBible reported.

Anthony Taylor and Paul Tierney are two of the worst referees currently working in the Premier League.

Taylor blew a late stoppage-time corner in South Korea’s second group game against Ghana at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It was an unfortunate decision as the team was trailing 2-3. Taylor later made another incomprehensible call, sending off Bento after the players and coach Paulo Bento protested. Last season, Tottenham defender Cristian Romero grabbed Marc Cucurella’s head inside the penalty box and got away with it.

At the end of last season, he refereed the UEFA Europa League final between AS Roma and Sevilla, a game in which he consistently made calls that Roma felt were unfair. Roma ultimately lost to Sevilla and finished as runners-up, and Roma coach Jose Mourinho was very critical of Taylor, even going so far as to verbally abuse him in person.

Paul Tierney also has his fair share of notoriety. Tierney has a reputation as a referee who turns a blind eye to harsh fouls, especially in the Premier League. In April, he gave Andy Robertson a warning after Robertson told assistant referee Konstantin Hatzidakis about being hit with an elbow while protesting.카지노

According to reports, Liverpool fans highly recommended Taylor and Tierney to the Saudi league on social media, saying “Taylor and Tierney are the best referees in the Premier League,” “We can take our referees for free,” “Take them for free,” and “They are the best referees in England.”


‘Hangzhou’s’ Liu Zhongil: “We’ll make it to the top of the group”

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The baseball team has arrived in Hangzhou, China, as it seeks to win its fourth consecutive Asian Games title.

The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Baseball Team, led by head coach Ryu Jung-il, arrived at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou, China, on Monday afternoon.

The baseball team has won three consecutive gold medals at the Asian Games, starting with Guangzhou 2010, followed by Incheon 2014 and Jakarta-Palembang 2018. A gold medal in Hangzhou would make it four in a row.

“There are two days left until the first match,” said Liu on Monday. We will train well for the rest of the tournament so that we can move up to the top of the group,” Liu said.

“The coaches who attended the Tokyo 2020 Olympics told me that the players are in much better shape now than they were then. I will choose between Kwak Bin and Moon Dong Joo to start against Taiwan. They are our aces,” he said.

“I’m going to use Kim Young-gyu and Choi Ji-min as one-pointers after the sixth inning. If they are good, they can face up to three batters.”

“The stadium where we play is newly laid with artificial turf, so the grass will be a little bit longer. We’ll have to see the condition of the ground, but we’ll take a look at that tomorrow during our first training session.”

Among the batters, Liu is looking forward to the performance of outfielder Yoon Dong-hee, who recently joined the national team. “He’s in the best shape among the outfielders right now,” Liu said. We will decide whether he will bat second or sixth after watching his training. As for the lineup, it’s about 80% of the lineup from our recent practice games.”메이저사이트

Liu also mentioned the strong performance of the swimming team, which has been on fire at the Games. When asked if he had watched any other sports at the Asian Games, he said, “The swim team has been doing well. It’s the most impressive thing I’ve seen,” he said.


‘2 outs, bases loaded → blue game strikeout’ I cried at the unexpected decision… TOR caught in ‘Romano arson’, WC failed to solidify

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The Toronto Blue Jays were caught by the New York Yankees in an unclear decision. The loss was even more painful because it was able to further solidify the American League wild card ticket.

Toronto lost 0-2 in a home match against the 2023 Major League Baseball New York Yankees held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 27th (Korean time).

Toronto is currently competing fiercely for the American League wild card ticket. Major League wild cards can advance to the postseason stage up to 3rd place, and based on the recent good trend, Toronto was in 2nd place with 87 wins, 69 losses, and a winning percentage of 0.558 before the game on the 27th.

Toronto is 1.5 games behind the third-place Houston Astros and 3 games behind the Seattle Mariners (4th), raising its probability of advancing to the postseason to 97.8%. And on this day, in an opportunity to put a ‘wedge’ in advancing to the postseason, they bowed out after a tense pitching battle.

The match against the Yankees that day unfolded in a very tense manner. ‘Ace’ Kevin Gausman, who took the mound as Toronto’s starter, had a quality start+ (less than 3 earned runs in 7 innings) with 3 hits, 2 walks, 5 strikeouts, and no runs in 7 innings, and Yankees starter Michael King also allowed 1 hit, 5 walks, and 5 strikeouts in 6 innings. He fought back by recording a quality start (less than 3 earned runs in 6 innings).

It was the Yankees who had the scoring opportunity first. The Yankees had a chance in the first inning with Gleyber Torres and Giancarlo Stanton each getting a walk, with two outs and runners on first and second base. However, Isaiah Kiner-Falepa was blocked by Gausman in the scoring opportunity and was unable to capitalize on the opportunity.

Toronto also missed a scoring opportunity. Toronto had a chance to score a large number of runs in the bottom of the third inning with bases loaded and two outs, thanks to Alejandro Kirk’s single and consecutive walks by George Springer and Bo Bichette. But here was an unfortunate decision. During Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s at-bat, Yankees starting pitcher King threw a sinker on the sixth pitch, which was outside the strike zone.

Guerrero Jr. decided that it was a ball and did not put out his bat. However, at this time, the umpire’s hand went up, causing Guerrero Jr. to strike out rather than walk, and Toronto ended up scoring no points due to ‘unwillingness’.카지노

The pitching battle continued until the second half of the game. The Yankees had a chance to reach second and third with one out and a hit by Stanton and Kiner-Falepa in the 7th inning, and Oswaldo Cabrera hit a ground ball to shortstop. At this time, shortstop Bisset, who caught the batted ball, erased Stanton, who was heading home, and the Yankees were unable to score again as follow-up batter Oswaldo Peraza failed to get a hit.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, with Toronto silent on a chance with 2 outs and runners on third base, it was the Yankees who ended up scoring the first run. Toronto brought in closer Jordan Romano in the top of the 9th inning, but he got off to a shaky start when he was hit by leadoff hitter Torres, and then hit a 95.9 mph (about 154.3km) four-seam fastball on the first pitch to follow-up hitter Austin Wells, hitting a two-run home run to take the lead. I held it in my hand.

Despite having two chances through the 9th inning, Toronto was unable to score, ultimately losing 0-2 and missing the opportunity to secure a wild card ticket.


“My brothers were also upset, (I) Sungbum is my brother…” Lee Yi-ri AG dropped out, KIA people were also heartbroken like it was their job

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“My brothers were also disassembled.”

KIA’s Lee Yi-ri said he was notified of his elimination just before the KBO announced the final roster changes. The club contacted the KBO in advance. Lee didn’t hear about it from the KBO or national team officials beforehand, but rather from the club, which he said was upset about the news.

Lee improved to 11-7 on the season after pitching seven innings of three-hit ball, striking out three and walking one in the second game of a doubleheader in Changwon against NC. He lowered his ERA to 4.20. It was his best pitch of the season. It was almost as if he was protesting his elimination from the national team with a show of force.

Lee was all smiles after the game when asked why he didn’t feel any pain in his chest. Although he and his team proved that he wasn’t sick against Hanwha on the 21st, the Korean National Team decided that Lee wouldn’t be able to perform at the Asian Games.

Initially, the team had a policy of not substituting players for non-injury reasons. In addition, Ryu Jung-il, the head coach of the team, explained that he made the change because he didn’t think Lee would be able to complete 80 pitches as a starter. However, Lee ended up throwing 77 pitches in the seventh inning. In fact, he proved that he could throw 80 pitches.메이저사이트

Lee said, “Honestly, I didn’t know if I should go out, but I didn’t feel good when I heard it through the club. You can be eliminated because you’re not good, or you can be eliminated because you’re sick. It was a bit disappointing to hear it through the team.” If he had held himself to a different standard, he would have hoped that the national team would have contacted him directly to apologize.

“You’re a professional when you don’t show it,” Lee said, “and the moment you think about it, it’s an embarrassment to the team. It’s bad and negative. You have to show it in the results. But I don’t think it’s going to go away in my life. I think it will remain in the back of my mind.”

KIA players and members were also reportedly saddened by Lee’s exit. In particular, Na Sung-bum, who is out for the season, contacted Lee Yi-ri directly to console him. Lee said, “Sung-bum contacted me and (the late) Young-pyo (KT). They said it was an experience to become a bigger player. I will pitch for KIA now.”

Lee pitched his best game of the season that day. When asked if he was in his best form, he said, “My form has been good all season.” It was an unexpected answer. Last year, he had game-by-game ups and downs, and this season, he’s had in-game ups and downs, but he thinks it’s all about mind control. “The more I think about my pitches, the worse it gets. It’s psychological. Mind control is important,” he said.

Trials are the medicine. Now Lee will play for KIA to secure a top-five finish and a postseason berth. KIA is also answering the call. With Lee Yi-ri out of the Asian Games, they have a dramatically full starting lineup. If Lee can pitch like this, it will be a huge boost for the team in the final stretch of the season.


1-3 shutout with seven strikeouts in the eighth inning…12th straight start with eight scoreless innings…16th win for Yokohama lefty Azuma, passing monster Yamamoto for most in both leagues.

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Eight scoreless innings, 12th straight win in starts.

Yokohama BayStars left-handed ace Katsuki Azuma, 27, earned his 16th win in his 23rd game of the season. It is the most wins in both the Central and Pacific Leagues. He passed Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25), the Orix Buffaloes’ “monster pitcher. Yamamoto picked up his 15th win on April 24 against the Seibu Lions. Azuma has two losses and Yamamoto has six.

Yomiuri Giants at Yokohama Stadium on the 26th. They dominated the Yomiuri lineup, which is the top hitter in both leagues. He allowed five hits and no runs until the eighth inning. Faced 30 batters on 102 pitches, walking one and striking out six. Azuma suffered his only two losses against Yomiuri this season.

He hasn’t lost since June 1 against the Rakuten Eagles and has won 12 straight starts. Third-place Yokohama effectively clinched third place with a 1-0 win over fourth-place Yomiuri. It was the second straight day of 1-0 shutouts for Yomiuri.

They walked three batters in the first inning. He struck out Hisayoshi Jono on a wild pitch, Makoto Kadawaki on a grounder to second, and Hayato Samamoto on a grounder to third.

In the second inning, he got Kazuma Okamoto to fly out to center field to end the threat. He walked Takumi Oshiro on a full count to end the inning. In the sixth, a cut fastball was hit low and away from the left-hander.

outside the left-field line. He followed with a single to right to Hiroaki Yuto and a double to left to Lewis Brinson.카지노

With one out, he struck out No. 8 Naoki Yoshikawa and No. 9 Iori Yamasaki to put out the fire. A 145-mile-per-hour fastball outside the zone cracked Yoshikawa’s bat. He struck out Yamasaki on a 148 mph fastball outside the strike zone.

Runners were in scoring position in the third inning. After a walk, Kadoki singled to second and Sakamoto to third. The inning ended with runners on first and second. We got Okamoto 4 and Oshiro 5 to fly out to shortstop and fly out to left field.

The game went to the seventh inning without a threat. The fourth, fifth, and seventh innings ended in a triple play. After giving up a leadoff single to No. 9 Yamasaki in the fifth, he retired the next three batters.

Threw 95 pitches through the 7th inning.

In the eighth inning, Yomiuri retired batters 1-3 on seven pitches. Retired Jono, Kadoki, and Sakamoto on a grounder to third base, a grounder to second base, and a fly out to center field.

Yokohama got on the board in the bottom of the third on an RBI single by Daishi Ota. That would be the final score.

In 23 games, Azuma is 16-2 with a 2.03 ERA and an 8.89 winning percentage. Azuma leads the Central League in wins and winning percentage. In 164 1/3 innings pitched, he has walked just 15 batters.


Released by Lotte → 1 year in Yain → New start at KIA… As a substitute, he pitched 147km and was a savior against a 19-win monster ace.

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The KIA Tigers are in an uphill battle for the top five and have 19 remaining games, the most of any of the 10 teams. They have a doubleheader against the Changwon NC on Sept. 27 and a doubleheader against KT in Suwon on Oct. 4. There are still more regrouping games to come. The starting rotation is a mess and substitutions are often needed.

This week, KIA had seven games in a row, including a doubleheader, and had to use an alternate starter against the Changwon NC on Oct. 26. Manager Kim Jong-guk chose Kim Gun-guk (35) again as a substitute. Prior to this game, Kim had appeared in four games (three starts) with a record of 8.31 (8 earned runs in 8⅔ innings) without a win or loss. His most recent start was on April 10 against LG Electronics, where he gave up five runs in 4⅓ innings. It was his first start against NC.

Before the game, when asked about the difficulty of bullpen days due to the tight remaining schedule, manager Kim Jong-guk said, “We have a doubleheader, so bullpen days are not easy. I think it would help the team a lot if the substitutes could last at least four innings.”

However, Kim lasted more than four innings. On top of that, the opposing NC starter was the league’s most dominant ace, Eric Peddy, who has been called an “ecosystem disruptor. Peddie had won 19 games before this day and was looking for his 20th win.

Pedi was as strong as expected. But Kim Gun-guk was also more solid than expected. Peddie pitched a perfect third inning to shut down the KIA bats, but Kim also pitched a two-hit shutout until the third inning. He got out of the jam with a bases-loaded walk.

The Tigers got on the board first against Peddie in the top of the fourth inning. With runners on first and third, Socrates reached on a fielder’s choice and scored. No runs were scored. Kim Gun-gook came to the plate in the bottom of the fourth with the lead. He gave up a leadoff double to Park Gun-woo. However, he worked out of the jam with the bases loaded and no outs. After giving up an infield single to Kim Han-byul in the bottom of the fifth inning, Coach Seo Jae-ng came up to relieve Kim. It was the signal for a substitution. Kim went 4⅔ innings, allowing one run on five hits with four walks and two strikeouts. Although he didn’t complete five innings and didn’t qualify as the winning pitcher, it was as good as it gets. Just being able to match the 19-win ace was enough to earn him a round of applause.

He kept the NC hitters in check with 19 fastballs (up to 147 km/h), 33 sliders, 12 forkballs, and 7 curves. Without Kim, Kia became cohesive. After limiting Pedi to the sixth inning, the bats came together in the seventh for a five-run big inning based on focus and operational baseball. It was the first game after Na Sung-bum and Choi Hyung-woo suffered season-ending injuries side by side. KIA won as a ‘one-man team’ and Kim Gun-gook was at the center of it.

After the game, head coach Kim Jong-guk praised Kim. “We expected it to be a difficult game with the other team’s ace on the mound, but he was able to even the score until the fifth inning and win the game today,” Kim said. “Although he didn’t get the win, he did his job 100%.” “Even though I didn’t get the win, I did my job 100%,” said Kim.토토사이트

After the game, Kim explained his strategy, saying, “I took a pitching design today with the idea of pitching my best every inning rather than trying to throw a long inning, and I’m satisfied that (Kim) Tae-gun had a good lead and pitched well today.”

“The team is in a difficult situation right now, but we all talked before the game about helping each other out where we are lacking, and I think we won today because of that,” he said. “I’m grateful that the manager gave me the opportunity to start, and I will prepare well for my next start so that the team can win.”

For Kim, KIA is his fifth team. He was a highly touted prospect who was drafted by Doosan with the sixth overall pick in the 2006 second round, but was released due to an elbow injury. He resolved his military issues and played for the independent Goyang Wonders before rejoining the NC Dinos in 2013. He moved to KT in the second round of the 2014 draft before being traded to Lotte in 2017. Aside from a one-game appearance in 2007, he was never given a chance in the first team. He returned to the first team in 2018 and was an all-weather pitcher until 2021. He was eventually released by Lotte in 2021.

However, he didn’t find a team for another year. He never let go of the ball even in desperate situations, and his strong showing in the Try-Out Baseball Tournament caught the eye of KIA, and after a tryout, he ended his wilderness career and began his professional career with the fifth team.

Kim’s pitching became KIA’s savior in a desperate situation.


‘Awesome Kim’ is back! Kim Hae-sung puts up a multi-hit performance in 9G to beat SD 12-2

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Awesome Kim is back. Kim’s performance led San Diego to a big win.

Kim Ha-seong went 2-for-5 with a home run and three RBIs as the No. 2 hitter in the lineup against the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game at Petco Park in San Diego, California, on May 25 (KST).

After a hitless night the day before (three strikeouts), Kim caught fire, not only with a hit in two games, but with his first multi-hit game in nine games since his last at-bat against the Houston Astros on Sept. 9.

San Diego’s lineup was Xander Bogaerts (designated hitter), Ha-Sung Kim (shortstop), Juan Soto (left field), Fernando Tatis Jr. (right field), Luis Camposano (catcher), Garrett Cooper (first base), Matthew Batten (second base), Rosario Egui (third base), and Jose Asoka (center field). Michael Wacha started on the mound.

St. Louis started Drew Rom on the mound. The lineup was Ras Nuba (center field), Tommy Edmon (second base), Paul Goldschmidt (designated hitter), Jordan Walker (right field), Ricky Palacios (left field), Luke Baker (first base), Ivan Herrera (catcher), Irving Lopez (third base), and Maysin Wynn (shortstop).

In the top of the first inning, with the bases loaded and two outs, Kim took a five-pitch fastball on a two-pitch, two-strike count and sent it into the right field seats.

He got lucky as St. Louis right fielder Jordan Walker made a fielding error that cost him the ball. Kim advanced to second base. The official score was recorded as a fielding error by the right fielder. He then came home to score on Juan Soto’s three-run home run.

In his second at-bat of the inning, Kim reached on a fielding error. After hitting a grounder to third base with two outs, Kim reached first base on a throwing error by St. Louis third baseman Irving Lopez, which allowed Xander Bogaerts to score from third and Kim to advance to second. However, the play was ruled a fielding error and Kim was not credited with an RBI.

In the fourth inning, Kim delivered a big hit. With the bases loaded and the count 2-1, he took a four-pitch sinker for a double to left field. He came home on Soto’s double.

In the fifth, he hit a slider on a two-pitch, two-strike at-bat, but it was caught in the shortstop’s glove and stayed straight up.

In the seventh inning, he led off with a clean single to right field to complete his multi-hit game.

Kim’s season batting average rose to .266 from .264. His OPS is 0.766.

The San Diego offense pounded out 18 hits and two home runs on the day. Soto hit his 33rd home run of the season, going 3-for-5 with a double, a home run, four RBIs and two runs scored, while Luis Camposano also had a three-hit game. Jose Azocar hit his second home run of the season. In addition to Kim, Bogaerts, Fernando Tatis Jr, Matthew Batten and Eddie Rosario had multi-hit games.카지노

San Diego starter Michael Wacka earned his 13th win of the season with seven innings of six-hit ball, one walk, six strikeouts and two runs. The bullpen of Rich Hill (one scoreless inning) and Jose Espada (one scoreless inning) sealed the win.

While the Padres are out of contention for a postseason berth, they’ve made a huge push down the stretch. They are 9-1 in their last 10 games. They are 77-79 on the season and are just over the .500 mark.

For St. Louis, starter Drew Rom took the loss, allowing eight runs (six earned) on 11 hits with one walk and four strikeouts in 3.1 innings. Tommy Hyun-Soo Edmon went 0-for-2 on the day, batting second.

San Diego, meanwhile, will open a three-game series against the San Francisco Giants on April 26. They will then have a day off before closing out the regular season with a three-game road trip against the Chicago White Sox.


‘Worst September win percentage’ SSG smashes landing gear… McCarty out for the season, nowhere to go but down

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SSG, wingless since August, loses another landing gear needed for emergency landings. Foreign ace Kirk McCarty, 28, is out for the season. Given the team’s current situation, it’s unclear if McCarty will ever get a chance to throw a ball for SSG.

“After a medical examination this morning, McCarty was diagnosed with a right adductor muscle injury,” an SSG team official said on Friday, adding, “He will need to be stabilized for two weeks and then we will schedule a rehabilitation schedule.”

The team did not provide a specific rehabilitation plan, but the two-week rest period means he won’t be able to pitch until at least Oct. 8. The team will then evaluate the condition of his obliques, and if he’s deemed healthy, he’ll gradually build his velocity back up from there. Since he’s a starter, McCarty will need at least one more practice start before he can return to his normal role, which will be at the end of the regular season.

McCarty started against Lotte at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on April 23. He pitched a scoreless first inning, throwing a fastball up to 149 kilometers per hour, before feeling pain in his right oblique muscle while fielding in the second inning. He tried to reduce the pain by taping it after the second inning, but the pain didn’t go away and he had to abandon the game. SSG couldn’t smile as Oh Won-seok, who started the game without being able to warm up properly, pitched well in the third inning to secure the precious win.

McCarty decided to take a day off and reassess his condition, but the pain didn’t go away on the 24th, raising concerns. His chances of returning to the mound were virtually gone at this point. McCarty visited a doctor on the 25th due to the weekend, and the diagnosis was confirmed: a torn oblique muscle.

SSG, which has been showing clear signs of decline since August, is 4-14-1 (.222) in September and is dead last in the league in winning percentage. Last year’s overall winner and the biggest spender in the league this season, SSG managed to hold on to second place through the middle of the season, but since August, they’ve lost everything they’ve gained and are in crisis.

It’s a total disaster in every aspect: starting, bullpen, hitting, defense, substitutions, and bench strategy. In 19 games since September, SSG has a 6.04 ERA. That’s dead last in the league. SSG is the only team with a sub-6 ERA in that span. Their team OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) in September is 0.680, which ranks ninth in the league. The bench has been swept along with the offense.

Injuries. Before McCarty went down, Kang Jin-sung tore his obliques and is unlikely to return this season. Cho Sung-hoon, who was one of Kim Won-hyung’s favorites to replace him, underwent elbow ligament reconstruction surgery (Tommy John surgery) in August and is out for the long haul. Even Choi Jeong-jeong, a key hitter, was unable to play against Incheon Lotte on Sept. 24 due to back pain. Water was leaking from everywhere on the ship and red emergency lights were illuminated. There was no one to blame.

The loss of McCarty, who had been a staple in the starting rotation, is painful. Currently, SSG is forcing its starters to pitch on four days’ rest for the season finale. Kim Kwang-hyun and Roenis Elias, pitchers in their mid-30s, are no exception. Even McCarty, who is relatively used to pitching on four days’ rest compared to Korean pitchers, had to help out. But that’s not how the regular season works. SSG is expected to bring back Oh Won-seok from the bullpen to start.메이저사이트

There’s no guarantee that McCarty’s SSG career will continue. McCarty, who filled in for Shawn Morimando this year, was once touted as one of the best left-handed pitchers in the league due to his good command and aggressiveness. In fact, his performance in the first half of the season – 13 games and 75 innings – was the best of the bunch, with a 7-3 record and a 2.52 ERA.

In the second half, however, he went 2-2 with a 4.58 ERA in 11 games and 55 innings pitched. In the middle of the year, he was sidelined with a forearm injury. In the second half, his batting average reached a whopping 0.309. SSG manager Kim Won-hyung diagnosed the injury as “not a loss of strength,” but the team didn’t get a chance to prove it. If SSG slips to sixth or seventh place and McCarty doesn’t re-sign, it could be the last time we see him grimacing after pitching the second inning.